Thursday, April 19, 2012

Red Admiral Butterfly

Sometimes butterflies zip past you at great speeds, not slowing down, never mind stopping long enough for a photo.  Other times, they flutter and stop, then leave as soon as you grab your camera.  And sometimes, they stop and pose for you on a pretty flower which makes a beautiful picture.  Other times......they stop for you on your windows or siding....which captures the butterfly but doesn't necessarily make a beautiful picture!

Here's one of two Red Admirals that were flying around in my front garden tonight after work.  When they flew, it was very rapidly.  They were hard to keep track of.  I was grateful that I finally captured this butterfly in a photo!  But next time...maybe it could stop on a pretty flower?

Update:  I just did some research on this butterfly, and it does not typically nectar on flowers!  It likes rotting fruit, tree sap, and even excrement (including bird droppings).  I think I'll put a plate out with a rotten banana on it and see what happens!  Note to self:  doubtful that a butterfly on excrement would result in a beautiful photo either!!

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