Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wellesley College Margaret C. Ferguson Greenhouse Light Show

Yesterday after work, Tanya and I went over to Wellesley College to check out a Greenhouse Light Show that I had read about on line.  It was a free tour through their greenhouses, with particular plants lit up to highlight parts that you might not otherwise notice during the day.  A neat idea.  The greenhouses were crowded, but surprisingly while we were there, we saw a mother pushing a stroller and a man who was touring in his wheelchair, so it was roomy enough for that....but just barely.

Each room had a main theme.


This flower is particularly beautiful against a dark backdrop.


This is my favorite photo from the exhibit!

The Desert:

Looks like a flower, but isn't:

There were docents in each room to answer questions or helpfully explain the themes.  It was a great exhibit and a nice mid-winter activity!

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