Sunday, July 5, 2015

Horn Pond Mountain Hairstreaks

I had been hoping to get back to Horn Pond, and today was the day!  I had great luck with hairstreaks!  It was a very enjoyable 1 1/2 hour visit.

Great Spangled Fritillaries

There was a small patch of milkweed next to the pond, and it was covered with GSFs.  These are only two out of five that were there.  It does seem to be a very good year for GSFs.

Blue-Fronted Dancers 
(unconfirmed ID)

Buck's Plume Moth

The view is not too exciting, but the butterflies were wonderful!

Acadian Hairstreak (life butterfly!)

Wood Lily (native)

 Striped Hairstreak (worn)

 Common Ravens

 Edwards Hairstreak

 American Lady

 Black Swallowtail

Edwards Hairstreak

Acadian Hairstreak

Gray Hairstreak

Gray Hairstreak on Long-Leaved Bluet

The hairstreak flew to a low-flowering plant and nectared there for a while.  I don't think I ever would  have noticed it otherwise!   It is a native wildflower, extremely rare and considered endangered.  I was lucky to have seen it!

two Wood Lilies (native)
with two Coral Hairstreaks on them!!!  
(I didn't see those until I look on the computer.)

 Banded Hairstreak

 Painted Skimmer

Coral Hairstreak

 Eastern Tailed-Blue

 American Copper

 Puffball mushroom (a pretty one!)

 Coral Hairstreak

 Eastern Tailed-Blue

American Copper

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