Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Acadia National Park Day 5

It was our last day.  George was heading out early, to avoid southbound traffic, but Lynn and I wanted one more morning in the park.  We were in the park by 6:00 AM.  It was yet another wonder-filled visit!

Our first sighting was a pair of two Wild Turkeys at the side of the road.  Soon after, we saw a Hermit Thrush fly up from the road and land on a street sign.  This visit was destined to have a bird theme.

 Views like this just take your breath away!

so serene

Hermit Thrush

Purple Loosestrife (non-native) on edge of Beaver Dam Pond
(that sky is a reflection in the water)

Finally, a non-bird sighting!
White-Tailed Deer

Egg Rock Light

More bird sightings to add to our bird theme visit!

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Yellow-Rumped Warbler (juvenile)

Snack time!

Common Loon (non-breeding)
waving good-bye to us with its foot
Otter Cove

Beach Plum (in morning dew)

Primrose Moth on Primrose (also dew-covered)

another White-Tailed Deer!

She was not timid.

Jordan Pond closeup

The bird theme of the visit continued!  We had lovely views of two Common Loons in breeding plumage on Jordan Pond.  While we watched quietly, a third one flew over.  One on the pond made a short call, and it flew in and landed on the pond too.  We loved watched them dive and resurface for a good 15 minutes in spite of some noisy hikers and people taking selfies on the shore!  What a treat.

Tall White Aster

Tall Meadow Rue
(partially gone to seed and dew-covered)

Savannah Sparrow (I think)

We took one last drive up Cadillac Mountain.

Greenland Stitchwort (aka Mountain Sandplant)
Uncommon and rated Special Concern conservation status in Maine
(It was in a marked-off area.  Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have noticed it!)

Cedar Waxwing

Black-Throated Green Warbler (juvenile)

Our time in Acadia had come to a close.  We made one final stop, just off Mt. Desert Island in Ellsworth, when we saw a huge patch of Fireweed growing next to the Blueberry Hill Ice Cream stand.  It was too pretty to ignore!


Farewell, Acadia National Park.  Farewell, beautiful vistas, islands, harbors, mountains, ponds and granite boulders.  Farewell, deer, songbirds, seabirds, seals and eagles.  Farewell,  wildflowers and wild blueberries.  Farewell, butterflies and moths.  Until next time!

Back to reality...

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