Monday, July 13, 2015

Breakneck Hill Conservation Land Butterflies

Overcast and humid today.  Chose BHCL for my lunch break since I missed it all weekend.  Wasn't expecting much with the weather....but it was fantastic!

Great Spangled Fritillary
(one of about 10-12 seen)

 Spreading Dogbane (native)

Silver-Spotted Skipper

possible juvenile Savannah Sparrow

 Silver-Bordered Fritillary

 Blue Vervain (native)

 Indigo Bunting 
(How wonderful is it that this species is a "regular"?)

 Gray Hairstreak

 Queen Anne's Lace (introduced from Europe)

 American Lady

Little Glassywing

House Finch

 Common Wood Nymph


Summer Azure

Gray Catbird 
(the one with the bill abnormality)

 Pearl Crescent

 Silver-Bordered Fritillary:  "Mine!" 
Pearl Crescent:  "No, mine!"


 American Goldfinch (community garden)

 another American Lady 
in the Community Garden

 Bee Balm (in parking area garden)

We are halfway through summer, and already there are signs of impending seasonal changes:

Milkweed pods have already begun to form.

Goldenrod is about to bloom.

Some thistle is already going to seed.  Slow down, summer!

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