Friday, July 10, 2015

Gray Hairstreaks on Sherborn Power Line

My goal was to try to find some native Canada Lilies (outside of Garden in the Woods).

First, I tried to walk at the Shrewsbury Power Line cut, but I found it to be overgrown and inaccessible.  We had a butterfly walk here not too many years ago.  I guess the power company isn't maintaining it this year...

My backup plan was to go to the Sherborn Power Line cut.  I had a great walk here, but I did not find any Canada Lilies.  Here are the things I did find:

There weren't a lot of nectar sources along the power line until one section that was a giant swath of yellow wild indigo.  There were some nice butterflies here!

Eastern Towhee

Garter Snake

Indigo Bunting

American Copper

Wood Lily

Gray Hairstreak
(This was the most common species on this walk!)

 Clouded Sulphur

Summer Azure

 Gray Hairstreak

 Grey Hairstreak

 Wild Indigo Duskywing
(makes sense with all the wild indigo in bloom!)

Wild Blueberries

If only I had a small bag, I would have collected at least a pint of blueberries!  I may have to go back...

 Grey Hairstreak

 Eastern Towhee

Eastern Tailed-Blue

Funny,  I forgot to mention the two young white-tailed deer bucks, with budding antlers (at least six points) that ran across the path and took huge leaps into the air to get over some of the shrubby growth and escape my presence.  I was so mesmerized watching them go that I didn't photograph them.  It was such an enjoyable walk!


  1. That looks like a great place to walk. The sort of place I go to to look for butterflies.

    1. Just enjoyed looking at your Green Hairstreaks! Those are gorgeous!