Friday, July 3, 2015

Baltimore Checkerspots!

I got a good tip on Facebook for Baltimore Checkerspots at Attleboro Springs Wildlife Sanctuary, so that was where I headed today.  It was a hotspot!  I tried my best to select only the top photos, but there are still too many!

Some were fresh and beautiful

Some were worn

Some were on flowers

 Some were on grass

 Some hadn't transformed yet...

And as if the wealth of Baltimore Checkerspots wasn't enough, there were other species too:

 Great Spangled Fritillary

Eastern Comma

Red Admiral

Eastern Tailed-Blue

Little Glassywings

Common Wood Nymph

And a couple birds, too:

House Wren

Eastern Kingbird

Attleboro Springs was very close to Mass Audubon's Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary,  so I headed over there next to check that one off my list.  They had a lovely butterfly garden in front of the visitor center.

Great Spangled Fritillary

Lily Leaf Beetles

White Water-Lily

Great Crested Flycatcher
(with Gypsy Moth)

There were gypsy moth caterpillars and gypsy moths flying by the hundreds all over both of these sanctuaries.  ICK.  Glad this flycatcher was doing its part to control the problem.

 Scarlet Tanager

 Striped Hairstreak

 Tall Meadow-Rue

 Garter Snake

 Little Glassywing

 Great Spangled Fritillary

American Lady

Another great nature day!

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