Monday, July 27, 2015

Acadia National Park Day 1

It was foggy when my sister and I arrived Tuesday evening, but by mid morning Wednesday, the sun started burning it off.  Thank goodness!  (My last trip to Acadia was almost entirely fogged in.)

The Margaret Todd in Bar Harbor

Here is our first pass around the Park Loop Road:

Here comes the blue sky!

Sand Beach

Fireweed among Rosa Rugosa


View from Thunder Hole

White Meadowsweet

Otter Cove

Evening Primrose

These primarily bloom at night and start to close up during the morning.  I told my sister about how Primrose Moths can sometimes be found sleeping inside the spent flowers during the day, and that I try to always check for them when I see these flowers.

opposite Otter Cove

Evening Primrose w/ Primrose Moth

It didn't take my sister long to find one with a Primrose Moth inside.  We ended up seeing them over and over again.  Prior to this trip, I had only ever found one on all the flowers I checked!

Jordan Pond

Dun Skipper (I think)

In the afternoon, we headed over to Southwest Harbor, stopping at Somesville on the way.

Somesville's famous wooden footbridge

Summer Azure on Forget-Me-Not

In Southwest Harbor, we visited the Charlotte Rhoades Butterfly Garden and Park, always a treat!

White Admiral

Silver-Bordered Fritillary

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

A slice of Wild Blueberry Pie a la Mode at Quietside Cafe, and this day couldn't be beat!

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse
(all the people cropped out)

We finally closed out the day by going back to the main park to climb Cadillac Mountain.

Bar Harbor and Porcupine Islands

Three-toothed Cinquefoil
(lots of this on Cadillac Mountain)

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