Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Back to BHCL

I hit the trails between rain showers today and was surprised that I made it the whole hour without rain!  Here are the highlights:

Calico Pennant

There were lots of these perched on the tips of the grass stalks.  Very pretty!

Black Swallowtail (one of three seen)

 Indigo Bunting (the regular!)

Bladder-Pod Lobelia (native)
(Bad photo, but I took it to record the structure of the stem and buds.)

Bladder-Pod Lobelia closeup of blossom

Great Spangled Fritillary

 Baltimore Oriole

Little Glassywing

 Eastern Kingbird

Tall Anemone (native)

Pearl Crescent

 Red-Tailed Hawk (hovering over orchard)

 Silver-Bordered Fritillary

Gray Hairstreak

This is not a great photo of the butterfly, but it does show how the orange eyespots and tails make its rear end look like a face of a ferocious insect, which aids in protecting this cute little guy!

Halloween Pennant

Later, back at home, I saw:

 Banded Hairstreak

 not sure about this one...

Northern Broken Dash

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