Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Killdeer at Hopkinton State Park

I drove through HSP on my lunch break today.  It wasn't a very good choice.  First, the Hopkinton Fire Department was doing water rescue practice near the boat rental building.  At the lower beach, a huge industrial sized brush trimmer/mower was working its way around the back side of the water.  I was amazed to find 4 birds pecking their way along the shore with that big mower closing in behind them.  Three were Killdeer and one was a Solitary Sandpiper.

I was also pleased to find a huge patch of Nodding Ladies Tresses, although the mower was headed their way as well.  Who knows what will remain in the wake of that mower?

 Nodding Ladies Tresses


Something about this bird makes it look like it is nervous or worried.

Sometimes I wish there was not such a compulsion to mow everything down....

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