Saturday, September 13, 2014

Butterfly Census at Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary II

I really wanted to see a Red-Banded Hairstreak, so I went back for the 2nd butterfly count at Allens Pond.  Of course, the Red-Banded never appeared, but in the end, that didn't matter one bit!

I stopped at Horseneck Beach on the way to the sanctuary.  The weather was better this week, but there was a stiff breeze blowing off the ocean.  At first I didn't see any shorebirds, but then when I got right up next to the water, I saw lots of Semi-Palmated Plovers.

 Semi-Palmated Plover

On to Allens Pond and the butterfly count:

Grapeleaf Skeletonizer Moth



 Monarch caterpillar

Zabulon Skipper (female)

Eastern Tailed Blue

Praying Mantis

American Lady


Praying Mantis

a little Fall color


Zabulon Skipper (female)

Summer Azure

Tachinid Fly

Sachem (life butterfly!)

Have you ever seen Jack-in-the-Pulpit in the Fall?  It's quite beautiful!

Here's another Jack-in-the-Pulpit with a Pickerel Frog keeping it company.

After lunch, we stopped at Sylvan Nursery again.


the most beautiful Red Admiral ever

Hawaiian Beet Webworm Moth

On the way home, I stopped for a short walk at Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary to break up the highway driving a bit.  

Floating Bladderwort

 Wood Ducks

Great Blue Heron


  1. Lovely to see your butterflies. They are certainly on the decline here now.

    1. The season is definitely winding down, NIck.