Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Another Confusing Fall Warbler

I took an abbreviated walk at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land today (so sad) because I had to be home for a dishwasher delivery window between 1 and 3PM (so happy).  It was in the mid 80s with 69% humidity.  Felt like summer!  I kept my eye out for butterflies, but they were few and far between. I did see a few Clouded Sulphurs in the meadows.  Near the pond, a Common Wood Nymph landed on a tree trunk.  After that, it was primarily birds that caught my eye.

American Goldfinch
happily sitting on its favorite seed source

Eastern Bluebird (juvenile)

I checked the pond in the back for sandpipers but found none.  There were at least three Eastern Phoebes near the pond, though, and I caught photos of all of them.

Eastern Phoebe

While I was watching the phoebes, another bird flew low into the shrubs in front of me, and as I tried to photograph it, it actually moved closer and closer to me.  That almost never happens!  I have posted a couple "confusing fall warblers" already, and this warbler apparently wanted to ensure that I would get a clear enough photograph that I could positively ID it and NOT merely refer to it as a confusing fall warbler.  Well, I have the photo, but I am still confused!  My best guess is that it is a Pine Warbler, probably a juvenile.  Sorry, little warbler!  I know you wanted people to know exactly who you were, but I just don't have those skills yet!

 possible Pine Warbler
Now I think this is a Blue-Headed Vireo -- not a warbler at all!

Blue Lobelia (near the wetlands)

If this is a native plant (and I do not know whether it is or not), then it is an endangered species.  I would love to learn from the land managers whether or not it is native!

White-Faced Meadowhawk

Northern Mockingbird
(in serious mid-molt condition)

As I walked across the front of the property back to the parking lot, I spotted one last butterfly, a Peck's Skipper.

Peck's Skipper

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