Thursday, September 18, 2014

Back to Beals Preserve

I spent my lunch hour hiking at Beals Preserve.  I spent more time around the meadows and the channel than I did in the woods or at Ice Pond.

Here are the highlights:

Beautiful forest path

 Wood Ducks

 Ichneumon Wasp (Dolichomitus irritator)

 Asters among the meadow grasses

 Yellow-Legged Meadowhawk

 Katydid (possibly Oblong-Winged Katydid)

 Great Blue Heron

Bee Fly (Eristalis dimidiata) 

Eastern Painted Turtles (in the channel)

Clouded Sulphur 8
Orange Sulphur 1
Great Spangled Fritillary 1
Cabbage White 2
Pearl Crescent 1

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