Saturday, April 4, 2015

Wilson's Snipe at Chestnut Hill Farm

I woke up early, and since it wasn't raining (as had been predicted), I headed out to check out some potential Southboro hotspots.  I was really hoping for some kind of odd goose (other than Canada), but I don't think I saw anything special.  It was also significantly cooler feeling than the 50 degrees reported.  There was quite a gusty wind, and I was cold in my sweatshirt!

Sudbury Reservoir at Parkerville Road

poss. Cackling Canada Goose
Chestnut Hill Farm

This is the only possible "odd" goose that I am not sure about.  There is a species called Cackling Goose, which looks identical to Canada goose, except that it is smaller in size.  This one was significantly smaller than the one to the left, so it could be a Cackling.  I'd prefer someone more expert in birding to confirm it before I claim it, though.

My friend Alan M. has confirmed for me that this was NOT a Cackling Goose.  He said that Canada Geese come in a variety of sizes and that the bill would be significantly shorter and stubbier on a Cackling.  So I continue to learn, and I will continue to search for odd geese.

Otto, an adorable Southboro resident


There were at least a dozen Killdeer in the fields at Chestnut Hill Farm.  Their white coloring was showing up nicely now that most of the snow is gone.

Wilson's Snipe
best sighting of the morning!

While I was scanning the edge of the field for Killdeer, this popped into my view.  It was a nice surprise.  I then stopped to chat with the owner of Otto and lost sight of it before I had secured a photo. I thought I had missed my chance, but luckily, I was able to spot it again in spite of its excellent camouflage!

Red-Winged Blackbird

On the way back through town, I stopped at Deerfield Road where I saw two Common Mergansers.

You can tell the season has officially changed for birds.  There are so many more around:  singing, bathing, flying in the sky over the fields.  It's wonderful!

I had to stop at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land on the way home.  Took a walk through and enjoyed the sights.  The sun started to peek out, too, but it didn't last long.

 Song Sparrow

These sparrows were serenading me from all sides.  A joy to hear it!

 Mourning Dove

Someone has repaired all the bird nesting boxes, and Tree Swallows, recently returned, have already claimed one of them.  Thank you!

Tree Swallow


Back at home, my crocuses were not open, but with the raindrops on them, they were still so pretty!

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