Monday, April 6, 2015


I went out after work to check various spots in Southboro as well as Hopkinton State Park.   There were three male Buffleheads competing for one female.  They were pretty far off, but here's a shot showing how one would fly in and chase another one away from the female.


Northern Cardinal

Mallards were taking advantage of a flooded portion of the trail.

Skunk Cabbage (another sign of spring)

Red Squirrel

Eastern Bluebird

Deerfoot Road

The sky was amazing, so I stopped at my favorite white-steepled church in Southboro.

Finally the sidewalk in front of this old stone bridge (near the Southboro train station) had reappeared from under the snow.  I missed most of the sunset, but a little color remained.  I'll try to go back another day.


  1. Stunning colours of the Northern Cardinal and Eastern Bluebird against the less than colourful background.

    1. Hey, Nick, do you have any butterflies yet? I saw my first yesterday!

    2. Hi Dawn,
      Yes, we had the odd one last month. On Saturday the season really started. Three species so far of hibernators. Hopefully a few whites in the next few days if the weather stays this good.

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