Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day 2015

Wouldn't it be nice if "Earth Day" wasn't necessary?  It's a beautiful world.  We only have one.  We should try to save it every day of the year.

My Earth Day doesn't look that much different from the other days of this week.  A Pine Warbler visited my suet feeder again today.  It catches my breath to see that bright color in my backyard.  It really stands out.

Pine Warbler

I took my lunch break at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land.

Eastern Bluebird

I tried and tried to photograph a Mourning Cloak that was flying around a tree at the top of the hill.  That butterfly just would not stop!  The same tree was hosting a male Eastern Bluebird.  Imagine?  A butterfly and a beautiful bird in one view!  

Mourning Cloak

I cut through the woods and found a much more cooperative Mourning Cloak there!

 Mourning Cloak

 Eastern Phoebe

This drab little bird (above) would fly from its perch, down to the grass, nab an insect and then return to a tree branch to dine.  While perched in the branch, it bobs its tail, which is one of the ways to identify this bird.

 Chipping Sparrow

 My favorite photo of the day

 View from the keyhole

Back at home, I should mention that in the morning I saw a flash of pale blue as a Spring Azure butterfly flew past my office window.  In the afternoon, a Mourning Cloak actually flew up and bumped into my office window.  They were taunting me!  A Broad-Winged Hawk landed several times in the tree out my office window.  A pair of them were flying around out there, and this one had just successfully caught a snake, although most of it is hanging on the far side of the branch.  When it flew off, the snake was hanging out of its talons and flapping in the wind below it.

 Broad-Winged Hawk

 Mr. Woodchuck peeking out from under the shed

Papa Bluebird, coming to the feeder shortly after Mama visited it

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