Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Eastern Phoebe

Spring has finally sprung!  And here's some of my proof:
  1. I heard a Broad-Winged Hawk in my yard this week.  Broad-winged hawks migrate to Central/South America for the winter, so it's nice to have them back! 
  2. I saw a House Wren in the yard today (another winter migrant but to southern U.S.).  The  Eastern Bluebirds were chasing it away from the nesting box they wanted (which the House Wrens used last season).  I personally hope the bluebirds win this battle.
  3. I saw Yellow-Rumped and Palm Warblers this morning.  Most warblers migrate through New England on their way to more northerly breeding grounds, although some do breed here as well.  It is a short, but beautiful time period when you can catch a glimpse of these beautiful songbirds.
  4. I saw an Eastern Phoebe collecting nesting materials in my backyard.
  5. I saw two Blue Jays building a nest in Southboro.
Eastern Phoebe

We still have some piles of snow around, but the majority of it is gone.  And based on what I am seeing while out, it seems there is no doubt that spring has finally sprung.

I started the day at Hopkinton State Park, hoping for a pretty sunrise.

the view to the west

the view to the east

and above

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet
(from behind, but you can see a bit of its ruby crown so I'm including it)

Still a frosty start to the day....

At noon, I walked at Waseeka Wildlife Sanctuary.  I wanted to see if the Ospreys were back.  They were, and apparently had been long enough to construct an entirely new nest.  I'm not sure what happened to their old one, but the tree must have collapsed over the winter.  They are positioned slightly closer to the dam now.  One landed briefly on the nest, with a fish, but then they both met on the far side of the water to eat.  They never flew out again before I had run out of time.  I wish I would have seen them building the nest!  That would have been fun!


Osprey lunch date
(Can you see them both?  The one on the left has the fish.)

Oh, and last night, I had a Great Horned Owl hooting outside my window!  Wish I could get a look at that!

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