Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Visit to Garden in the Woods

I started the day by participating in a wildlife survey project in Southboro at Beals Preserve.  Three volunteers searched the leaf litter for salamanders.  We found several.  I had no luck personally, but I did have one sit in my hand, which I thought was quite an accomplishment!

Red-Backed Salamander

Afterwards, I took a walk to see what else might be around the property.  I did see two Mourning Cloaks, but they were not cooperating for photos.

Song Sparrow

In the afternoon, I walked at Garden in the Woods in Framingham.  I used my older camera for macro shots of some beautiful wildflowers, but now I can't get them off my camera!  These are the ones from my other camera.

 Blood Root

 Eastern Painted Turtle

 Wood Frog


 Skunk Cabbage

 Look what's inside!

 Green Frog

 Mourning Cloak

 Black-capped Chickadee 
Doesn't he look like he's doing a vampire impression?  He was just preening his wings.

Blood Root

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