Thursday, April 16, 2015

Palm Warblers

Beals Preserve was today's lunch break destination.  It turned out to be a very nice hike, with 6 butterflies (5 Mourning Cloaks and 1 probable Eastern Comma).  It was beautiful, sunny and about 60 degrees.

As soon as I started down the trail, a Mourning Cloak was flying around the sign for the property (this was at the Red Gate entrance).  I thought it was going to land on it for a moment, which would have made a great photo, but it chose the ground instead.  The anglewing butterfly was also in this area, but it took off in direction of one of the neighboring houses.

What a beautiful sight after a long winter!
Love those lavender spots.

 Palm Warbler

 Downy woodpecker

Great Blue Heron
(flushed from trail side; repositioned on far side of pond)

Eastern Painted Turtles, sunning

Time flew by so much more quickly in the woods than it does sitting at my desk.  Why is that?

After work, I was walking around the yard when curiosity got the better of me, and I just had to check the nesting box.  Boy, was I in for a sweet surprise!

I guess the bluebirds are grateful for the steady supply of freeze-dried mealworms!  I was a little worried that Mama wasn't on the nest, but my husband assured me that he had seen birds flying in and out of the box several times today.  Can't wait to witness their progress!  Hope they do well and stay safe!

Since I had about an hour to kill until supper, I decided to take a quick walk at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land.

I think the best sighting was four Northern Flickers all in the same treetop, apparently sizing each other up for a territorial dispute.  I never saw such flared tails and the red on the back of the neck seemed to be sticking up and they were squawking.  They soon flew off to separate parts, and I was able to photograph one of the group.

Northern Flicker

Song Sparrow

a little greener!

Eastern Bluebird

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