Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Red-Tailed Hawk Pair

Two signs of spring at Wildwood Cemetery:

 Red-Tailed Hawks

Hawks mate for life, unless one is killed.  Then, the remaining individual may take another mate.
I loved seeing them sitting side-by-side.  I took this shot and then continued up the road towards them, hoping for a closer one.  They did not wait around for me and flew off, one at a time, as I approached.  I was no threat to them.  They were really high up in the tree.

Would you look at THAT!   Spring is coming - March 20th!  Signs are showing up.  Are you hearing more bird song?  Seeing trees beginning to bud?   Winter is almost over.  By the way, we are supposed to get another 4-6 inches of snow tonight.  Boston is hoping to break its record and move 2014-2015 into first place for the snowiest winter on record.  We are about 4 inches shy now.  We shall see!

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