Saturday, March 21, 2015

Another Mixed Bag

This whole day was a mixed bag.  Snow flurries in the morning, pretty but annoying.  Sunshine and blue skies in the afternoon, pretty and not the least bit irritating.  It warmed up into the high 40s, too!

Here's a look at what caught my eye today.  I spent a small part of the morning at Wayland Community Gardens, carefully walking on the crusty surface of the snow and hoping not to sink in.

There were 5 blue jays, but this one was nice and cooperated for a photo!

Signs of spring in the middle of a snow flurry!  I'll take it!

These dried plants really caught my eye in the falling snow.

In the afternoon, I headed West.  First, I stopped at Green Thumb Nursery in Westboro to photograph a tree that always catches my eye, but which I had never photographed.  This one is challenging because there are electric wires all around it.  I hope they were minimized enough in this shot.  I do love this tree!

I checked out the Peregrine Falcon on City Hall in Worcester, checked the airport for Snow Buntings (none, boo) and checked out Notre Dame and Hope Cemeteries.

Peregrine Falcon (on City Hall)

Notre Dame Cemetery:

Red-Tailed Hawk

Hope Cemetery:

American Crows

Elm Park:

Red-Tailed Hawk

I spotted this while stopped at a red traffic light!

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