Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Common Redpolls!

Bird Nerd alert!  A Common Redpoll sighting made my day!

I had a few different visitors at the feeders today.  All of the usual suspects were there as well, but a few that don't come too often also graced the yard.  Then, just after work, two beautiful Common Redpolls were sitting just above the thistle feeder!  I only wish that the light had been brighter so the photos wouldn't have come out so grainy.  Maybe if I'm lucky, they'll visit again another day.

American Golfinch
(the yellow is definitely brighter!)

European Starling

Starlings have a reputation of being really greedy at the feeder.  So far, I have only ever had individuals visit and those are even rare, so I am still able to enjoy them when they do come.  If a huge flock came in and ate everything in sight, I probably wouldn't like them as much.

 House Finch
(also looking brighter)

Pine Siskin

 Eastern Bluebird (male)
I can't believe I am lucky enough to classify this one as a "usual suspect"!

 Northern Flicker
I don't see these in the yard very often.

 Common Redpoll (right side)
Pine Siskin, American Goldfinch (left side)

I visited Hopkinton State Park many times this winter in the hope of seeing Common Redpolls.  I have found them there other years, but I've had no luck this year.  I really thought I was probably going to miss them entirely this winter.  And then some show up right in my own yard!  NICE!

 Common Redpoll


the two of them

I was hanging outside my window taking these photos to try to get them as clear as possible in the poor light.  Aren't they beautiful little birds?

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