Saturday, March 28, 2015

American Crows

These photos will give you some idea of how nasty today's weather was.  Spring has not sprung.  It was windy, snowy, and cold.  Roads were slick.  Ick.  Here's hoping tomorrow's sunshine will make it feel a little more like the season it is supposed to be!

I stopped for a mixed flock of European Starlings and Brown-Headed Cowbirds, but the snow kept getting on my camera lens, so I didn't come away with any usable photos.

A little later, I came across six noisy crows in a snowy field fighting over the remaining piece of what I believe was a gray squirrel.  It is the best I could come up with today.  They were fun to watch, as they grabbed the morsel from each other and tried to eat it before the next bird took it away.

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