Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Blooms at Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Today was a gorgeous spring day, temps in the mid-50s, sunshine, blue skies, breezy.  I walked about 4 miles at Tower Hill Botanic Garden.  The biggest surprise was my first Spring Azure butterfly, a tiny little butterfly with grey outer wings and light blue, almost lavender, inner wings.  I wonder if my poor memory makes me enjoy nature all the more, because seeing the Spring Azure again this spring was such a sweet surprise!  I guess maybe after the dull, monochromatic tones of winter, the colors of spring are shocking to the system!

The daffodil fields are in bloom, and it was just lovely.  People were enjoying them in many ways.  Sitting next to them on the ground, lying among them taking photos, sitting on benches above them, etc.  We were all so happy to see such bright and cheerful yellow beauty after such a brutal winter.

Overall, I saw 8 Mourning Cloaks, 1 Spring Azure, 1 Eastern Comma and 2 Cabbage Whites.  I also saw Chipping Sparrows, Northern Mockingbirds, Pine Warblers, Tree Sparrows, and American Robins.

Cabbage White

Mourning Cloak

Mourning Cloak

Eastern Comma

Chipping Sparrow

Northern Mockingbird

The flowers definitely took center stage on this outing.  No doubt about it.  There were little splashes of color everywhere.  It's SO beautiful.  Enjoy!



White Forsythia

Grecian Windflowers



The rest of these photos were taken inside the Limonae and the Orangerie.  I apologize in advance for not having any ability to cut this down to a reasonable amount of photos.  The flowers are just too pretty to discard!


  1. Never saw white forsythia before. Love the shot of the daffodils with the blue sky with clouds

    1. I've only seen it at Tower Hill. Yes, that shot was fun! I had to crawl like a snake to get it.