Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

It was so windy today that I didn't expect to see much of anything.  I hiked at Waseeka Wildlife Sanctuary at lunchtime, and I was surprised by  a Spring Azure butterfly almost as soon as I hit the trail.  It flew off into the woods and wouldn't cooperate for a photo.  I didn't see another butterfly the rest of the hike and came home with no photos.

After work, I noticed a warbler land in the tree out front, so I headed outside to see if I could catch a photo.  I believe it was a Pine Warbler, but the photo is rotten, and it flew higher into the trees so I couldn't try again.

Another small bird flew out of the trees and landed nearby, so I chased it down for photos.  It was a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, and it cooperated for several photos.

 Ruby-Crowned Kinglet
(First of Year)


This tiger moth caterpillar was crawling up the driveway.

Tiger Moth Caterpillar

After dinner, George and I walked at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land.   George had one of his really noisy jackets on.  But, at this time of the day, the most common sight is the American Robin any way, so I wasn't too worried.  (It's awful to try to find wildlife with someone in a jacket going swoosh swoosh swoosh with every swing of the arms!)  We saw lots of Robins, but we also saw an Eastern Bluebird, a Red-Winged Blackbird, and several Chipping Sparrows.

Chipping Sparrow

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