Monday, April 14, 2014

Palm Warbler and Mourning Cloaks at BHCL

I was going to search for warblers this morning but got distracted by spring flowers.


(I think these are some of the ones that were planted along
 the Boston Marathon Route after the bombing last year.)


It wasn't quite the beautiful day originally predicted.  By lunchtime, it was in the mid 60s, but extremely gusty and overcast.  I was not expecting to see much of anything with the crazy wind.  So I was pleasantly surprised to come home with a couple photos from my afternoon walk at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land.

I saw 5 Mourning Cloaks battling to maintain their flight plans in the wind.  Most were sorry that they ever lifted off the ground and were in a hurry to get back again.  To be precise, three were actually in the Town Forest.  The other two were on the edge of the BHCL meadow abutting the Town Forest.

Mourning Cloak

After skipping my search for warblers this morning, I was happy to have a Palm Warbler pop up onto this stone wall at Breakneck Hill.  I love seeing flashes of yellow in the spring!  This bird spends its winters in the Caribbean (smart move!)  It only wears its chestnut cap in the springtime.  It's a very pretty bird passing through Massachusetts on its way to Canada.

 Palm Warbler

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