Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Going Green at Breakneck Hill

The recent rain and warmer temperatures have really made a difference up at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land.   The brown, matted look of the winter meadows is turning green.   Trees are showing a blush of color from budding out.

An Eastern Phoebe led me down the trail, going from tree branch to a twig near the ground, to the next tree and so on....

Norm, the Northern Mockingbird, was near the shrubs by the parking lot, and I believe I caught sight of Norma in the middle bottom of the same shrubs.  

There were a couple of guys at the top of the hill that were carrying a long piece of wood.  I wondered what on earth they were going to do with it....and then I saw a pretty good-sized model airplane.  It was their runway strip.  It was quieter in flight than I expected, but I still have to say I'd prefer the sounds of nature than the motor of a model airplane.

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