Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Color on a Gray Day

Here's how I add color to my gray, rainy days:

Red - Sudbury Reservoir Trail (at Parkerville Road), Southboro

Northern Cardinal

 American Red Squirrel

Red-Tailed Hawk

Blue - Rural Cemetery and Breakneck Hill Conservation Land, Southboro

I had a very neat sighting of 45 Double-Crested Cormorants flying by when I was checking out the cemetery.  I also had 2 fly-by Great Blue Herons.  (I am counting these both as blue, because Double-Crested Cormorants have beautiful turquoise eyes.  Hey~~I make the rules!)  The Bluebird was at BHCL.

Double-Crested Cormorants

Eastern Bluebird

Yellow - Breakneck Hill Conservation Land, Southboro

American Goldfinch

As you can see, it was pretty slim pickings today, as far as nature hikes go.  I sure wish this weather would clear up!

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