Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Woods and Hoods

It was a ducky day today.

First, at Wildwood Cemetery this morning, there were 4 pairs of Wood Ducks!  These were the first I've seen in 2014, and they are such a favorite of mine!  Unfortunately, there is no way to get close to them, and they were nervous anyway, so the photos are far views.

Then, along the Sudbury Reservoir Trail at lunchtime, I saw 8 Hooded Mergansers, about 60 Canada Geese, two pairs of Mallards, 1 pair of Common Goldeneyes, two pairs of Wood Ducks, and two Mute Swans.  This was in the channel near the entrance to the Beals Preserve (through the gate at the intersection of Chestnut Hill Road and Route 30).

Before I even left the car, I noticed a small falcon-like bird in the tree above where I parked.  I guessed it to be a Merlin.  Thanks to Alan M. for confirmation of this ID.


 Common Goldeneye pair

Hooded Merganser pair
(what an awesome looking couple!)

Mute Swan

East view of the water from the bridge

More Hooded Mergansers to the West of the bridge

More males

One hood up; one down

nervous Wood Ducks

Northern Flicker
(1 of 2 seen)

Northern Mockingbird

American Robin

Meanwhile, back at home, I had two interesting visitors in the yard.

poss. Coopers Hawk

Carolina Wren

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