Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Lambs at Drumlin Farm

This was my third annual visit to Drumlin Farm to visit the new lambs.  They are so sweet!  There were lots of them in the fields around the yellow barn.  It is impossible not to smile and be happy watching them play.  Out of the blue, they will spring up in the air, then run to a corner of the field and back, sometimes jumping over each other along the way.

There was one "mother" that ran to that corner with a group of little lambs over and over, sometimes baaing at them, appearing to call them into action.  Those of us who were watching joked that she was like the gym teacher, and the children were getting supervised exercise.

If you can go, GO.  You will love it.  They are adorable.  Photos do not do them justice.

There were some tiny new lambs that were not yet outside.  There were also some tiny kids in the goat barn that were too small to go out yet.

Spring has sprung at Drumlin Farm!

Watch for the "gym teacher".  She's in there!

In the video you may hear a woman asking about the lambs' tails.   Lambs are born with tails that are usually half-way between the length of their mother's tail and their father's tail.  Under modern sheep production, sheep tails are docked (shortened) to protect the health of the sheep.  (It prevents fecal matter from accumulating which can result in fly strike (wool maggots).)  It also facilitates sheering.

Also seen:

7 Wild Turkeys foraging under the bird feeders

1 White-Tailed Deer in the deer area

Somehow not quite as cute....


And then there's this toothy little one.  Adorable!

It certainly looked like spring in the dirt roads to the fields!


The row of Queen Anne's Lace was left standing over the winter.  I think this is one flower that looks pretty year round!

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