Monday, March 17, 2014

Red-Tailed Hawk

Blue Jays were screaming as I drove into Wildwood Cemetery.  I should have known there was a hawk nearby, but I happened upon it by accident (as is often the case).

My objective for stopping was to photograph some icy stalactites that had formed in the brook here.  I had been looking for these all winter without luck.  It just so happened that the Red-Tailed Hawk was hunting from a perch directly above them.


The hawk must have heard or seen something underneath it.  It looked down several times, giving me a good, long look at its beautiful head feathers.

Also, upon further inspection, I noticed that it only had one set of talons (one foot) locked on the branch.  Does a hawk occasionally rest on one foot, or is this a sign of an injury?  I could not see the other foot at all.  It didn't appear to have its leg lifted in any way either.  A mystery, for sure.  Also, the foot that is visible was bloodied, which proves that it is a successful hunter whether injured or not.

Some questions will never be answered....but it's fun to wonder.

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