Sunday, March 16, 2014

Snow Drops

After yesterday's spring temperatures, it was hard to go back to the cold and wind of winter.   I couldn't bring myself to spend as much time outside as I had yesterday.  I did see two white-tailed deer in my yard again today.  The blur at the bottom of the photo is my deck railing.

I saw a nice Red-Tailed Hawk swoop in low when I was driving in Southboro.  I pulled over and was able to get a quick photo before it flew off again.

Red-Tailed Hawk

Wachusett Reservoir Watershed
North Dike

I stopped at Tower Hill Botanic Garden again this afternoon to check on the snowdrops.   The week's passage of time had made a big difference, especially with yesterday's warm temperatures.  Witch hazel was in bloom in various colors and the snowdrops were looking beautiful (even though I know they are only out because someone removed the snow from on top of them).

I went into the building just to use the restroom but found myself unable to ignore the magnetic pull into the Limonae and Orangerie.  I tried to take a different set of photos this time, really I did!

Mexican Fireworks

Gold Lace Cactus

Silver Torch

Double Snowdrop
(potted on reception desk)

Calla Lily

Desert Fan Palm

Snow Bush
"Rosea Picta"

Camellia Japonica
"Thelma Dale"

"Soleil d'Or"

Camellia (unknown)
Isabella Stewart Gardner Collection

"Trusty Rusty"

"Red Lion"

Elephant Ear

May I just add that as you walk through these buildings, you are entertained by beautiful live piano music.  There are various tables and chairs or benches tucked into openings between the tropical plants, the sun is warming the rooms, and it's quite a break from winter.  A lovely way to pass the afternoon!

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