Saturday, September 28, 2013

Concord and Lincoln Butterflies

I planned to walk at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, but first I wanted to stop at Nine Acres Corner in Concord.  They were half finished with mowing the meadow and destroying the habitat.  Hope any remaining monarch caterpillars are ok.....(even though I know they are doomed).

Clouded Sulphur


Least Skipper

Orange Sulphur

Moth (working on ID)

Eastern Tailed Blue

From here it was on to Mass Audubon Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary:

Hawk (working on ID)

Cedar Waxwing

Flock of Cedar Waxwings

Eastern Bluebird

poss. Vesper's Sparrow

Flock of Killdeer

Cabbage White

Orange Sulphurs

Future Sunflower
(reminded me of an avocado)

Another Monarch!!!

Clouded Sulphurs, sharing

American Copper


Cabbage White


Wild Turkey

Virginia Ctenucha moth


  1. Wow, fantastic pictures of the Orange Sulphurs in flight.

    1. Thanks, Nick! The female was nectaring and the male would not leave her alone, so I had ample opportunity to take photos. That is the first time I have seen the orange spots on the top of the female's wings.