Monday, September 2, 2013

Butterflies at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land

The sun came out for about 40 minutes this morning, and knowing it was to be short-lived, I stayed close to home to enjoy as much of it as possible.  I walked at Breakneck Hill, hoping for some butterfly sightings.

Pearl Crescent

American Copper

(It was named for the way the water clings to its leaves.)

Common Wood Nymph

Eastern Phoebe

This Eastern Phoebe was catching bugs at an intersection of the trails, returning to the fence post each time.

Cooper's Hawk

I noticed this hawk only because a bird was fleeing in front of it, calling out as it flew.  It looked like a Green Heron, which seems a strange bird to be pursued by a hawk.  They did end up going separate ways.

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