Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chilly Start at Breakneck Hill

I'm not quite ready for this fall weather....  The birds were all in the treetops this morning, warming up in the sunshine.  It was only 44 degrees.  Thank goodness the sun was up!

Prairie Warbler (Fall migrant)

same bird, side view

Eastern Bluebird

Cedar Waxwing

Northern Flicker (female)

Eastern Bluebird

I spent my lunch break at Waseeka Wildlife Sanctuary in Hopkinton.  It was pretty quiet, but I did see a garter snake, a leopard frog, and a red-tailed hawk.  Mushrooms were the stars of this walk.  Some day I would like to learn how to identify wild mushrooms, but for now, I will just post the photos so you can enjoy their variety and beauty.  I am amazed that there were so many types in such a short distance!

A lone Pearl Crescent soared by in the 59 degree breeze and landed briefly in the grass, but wouldn't stay put long enough for me to get a decent view.


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