Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring Visit to Tower Hill Botanic Garden

I went back to Tower Hill to see how the daffodil field fared after the April snowstorms.  Well, it was definitely hurt.  I feel bad for all the people who hoped to have photos taken against this beautiful backdrop.  It is very sparse this year.

There was plenty of beauty to be found outside of the daffodil field, though, and in spite of temps ranging from 50-60 during my visit, a steady breeze made it feel much cooler.  I found no mourning cloaks, saw only one spring azure at a distance, and had one Eastern Pine Elfin that cooperated for photos along the lawn garden.

The early spring flowers stole the show today.  Here are the highlights of over 600 photos taken (yes, I am crazy):

Blood Root

Did you notice the center of the flower above?  As the center opens, it looks like tiny yellow stars.  Sweet!  I didn't notice til it was on the computer.

Even last year's hydrangea blossoms are still beautiful!

A brief visit down the center hallway of the main building:

And back outdoors again:

Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Pine Elfin

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