Monday, April 18, 2016

Lunch Break at Westboro WMA

Since I couldn't cross Route 135 today due to the running of the Boston Marathon, I decided to visit Westboro WMA.  I figured I'd at least find plenty of Spring Azures there, and I was not mistaken.  In about an hour's walk, I counted at least 20.  I also saw one garter snake, two grapevine epinemis moths and two Palm Warblers.

Spring Azures show a beautiful blue color in flight.  The ones I saw today were either flying around shrubbery or travelling low to the ground.  It seemed once they landed and I approached to photograph, they would immediately lift off again and head to other parts.  They were either sensitive to the vibration on the ground or extremely shy.

 Hello there!

a little glimpse of the inside blue of the wings

Grapevine Epimenis moth

Palm Warbler
(so fast-moving, it was hard to photograph)

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