Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Good Nature at BHCL

Without a destination in mind, I found myself heading over to Breakneck Hill Conservation Land.  I figured I could look for bumblebees if nothing else!  Turned out to be a popular place, and I ran into both Jim and Carl there!

Before I even made it up the first hill, I had fun watching an epic battle between an Eastern Bluebird and a Tree Swallow over the rights to the 2nd birdhouse.  I shot off bunches of photos, all of which are blurry and horrible!  But I saw it!

Tree Swallow - This is MY nest box!

Mr. Bluebird said not so fast, and the battle ensued (see swallow above)

Wish I had a do-over on these action shots.  Still, it was exciting to watch!

The glorious victor (at least for now)

Oh, look who just happened to flutter out of the trees and land on the path right in front of me!

Eastern Pine Elfin

Now....what is that bird on a distant treetop?  I pulled up my binoculars to have a look and lo and behold, it was an American Kestrel!  I suspected seeing one several years back, but without binoculars to confirm it, I never claimed it.  This time, I had confirmation, photos, and there ended up being a pair to watch!  What a beautiful bird.  I was never able to get very close, so I didn't get great photos, but it was still very exciting!

My initial view


Northern Mockingbird

another view of the Am. Kestrel 
(but couldn't you please look THIS way)

another Eastern Bluebird on
another box

and one final shot of this beautiful bird

The last fun sighting I had was a male Eastern Bluebird with a huge grub that it was whipping against a tree branch.  I didn't have a very good view, but I enjoyed watching the whipping and then the eating.

Whip it!

Getting a bit gooey

 Whip it good!

Now it's perfect!  Down the hatch!  Yum??

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