Sunday, April 17, 2016

Lost and Found

I visited Rocky Hill Wildlife Sanctuary in Groton today.  I hoped to see the Great Horned Owl that nested in the heron rookery.  It was only my 2nd visit to this sanctuary, and I got lost almost exactly the same as I did the first visit.  Next time I must print the trail map!!

A beautiful Field Sparrow serenaded me as I crossed the power line section, and on the woodland paths, I saw four Spring Azures and two Eastern Pine Elfins.

Field Sparrow

Spring Azure

Eastern Pine Elfin

Eventually, I did find my way to Rookery Trail and the Great Horned Owl nest!

 Great Horned Owls 
(recycling a great blue heron nest)

Closer look at one of the young

After my hike here, I met Freddie at Garden in the Woods, which just opened for the season yesterday.  We enjoyed the early spring blooms around the garden and the blood root blooming in the woods.


 Blood Root



 Trout Lily

 Blood Root




 Blood Root

 and more and more and more

 Six-Spotted Tiger Beetle

White Trout Lily

one last Hepatica!

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