Monday, September 21, 2015

Scanning the Treetops

Daybreak at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land.   47 degrees.  My first sighting was of a white-tailed deer bounding up the hill in front of me.  I never did see it again, although I looked for it.

Once the sun was high enough to start warming things up, the birds started decorating the tops of trees and shrubby vegetation like Christmas angels.

This Queen Anne's Lace was at the top of a hill.  I was at the bottom, in a section that the sun had not yet hit, but the sun was lighting up this line of plants in such a pretty way.  I'm not sure this photo does it justice.  It almost looks like a negative to me.

 European Starlings

 House Finches

Eastern Bluebird

It was a pretty start to the day.  First time it felt like Fall.  

Note:  I did see one warbler, a Common Yellowthroat, in the meadow grasses.  It was a juvenile male.  No photo opp.

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