Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bluebirds at Dawn

I went out early this morning when it was 60 degrees, knowing it was to be in the 90s later.  I stopped at Rural Cemetery in Southboro.  Eastern Bluebirds and Chipping Sparrows were hunting insects from the tombstones.

It was too hot to go for a walk during my lunch break, so I just enjoyed the shade of my backyard and the various critters around home.

 Downy Woodpecker

 neighborhood kitty (becoming a problem!)
It's on the tree that most of my feeder birds roost on.

 Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Red-Spotted Purple

  Northern Flicker


After work, I headed over to Tower Hill Botanic Garden.  There were lots of birds, so it was a good stop.  It was still 80 degrees when I left there after sunset.

 American Goldfinch, stripping a sunflower

Eastern Bluebird

 Cedar Waxwing

 Yellow-Throated Vireo (I think)
probably first year Pine Warbler
(Thanks to Josh F. for input on ID)

Something in the flycatcher family ??

1st year Pine Warbler

 Eastern Wood Peewee (I think)

Northern Flicker

 Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher (juvenile)



  1. The yellow-throated birds don't look (to me) the right shape for vireos... could they be Pine Warblers?