Thursday, September 17, 2015

Chasing a Reported Bird

Afternoon walk at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land yielded very few butterflies:

6 Eastern Tailed-Blues
2 Great Spangled Fritillaries (worn)
20+ Cabbage White
8 Clouded Sulphur
3 Orange Sulphur
1 Common Ringlet
15 Pearl Crescent

 Eastern Tailed-Blue

Cabbage White


After work, I drove back over to Heirloom Harvest CSA in Westboro in hopes of seeing a Dickcissel.   This would be my 2nd attempt.  Where one or two had been reported, now the report was up to five!  This would be a life bird for me, and I did manage to see one, even though it was uncooperative about perching out in the open.  Click here in order to see a good photo of a Dickcissel.

And the reality of my sighting (snort!):

I'll take it!

I also saw another Monarch while I was there, which was a treat!  They are few and far between this year (except maybe down at Allens Pond).

And on the way out, I was treated to some Eastern Bluebirds hunting from their perches in the community gardens.