Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Winter White

Do you see a bird in this photo?  I wanted to give you the big picture, so that you could understand how I nearly missed seeing it!

Scroll down.

Mute Swan

Where does a swan go when there is no more open water?  Apparently, some do not go anywhere and just wait for a melt....  No, I am kidding.  I assume this swan would move elsewhere in order to find some food.  Not sure why it is hanging out in the middle of the iced over water.  Weird.

My favorite tree

 Let go of me!

Bet this American Robin wishes it had gone south.

Pretty gray around these parts today.  And in case you are not local, we are due for another 2 feet of snow between now and Sunday.  UGH.

Although this American Robin is partially obstructed with branches, I include the photo because you can see its bill is covered in snow.  It was scooping up the snow on the branch in front of it and eating it.  It must be desperate for water and finding no fresh water supply, is forced to eat snow instead.  Interesting to see it in action.

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