Monday, February 23, 2015

Naples Zoo Visit

One reason I like zoos is that if they do a good job on creating habitat, then you might also find native birds and insects.  All of the birds that I photographed, with the exception of the macaw, were wild and in the zoo by choice.  I bet you the White Ibis regretted it.


 Black-Crowned Night Heron

 Anhinga (female)

I think this is a White-Handed Gibbon.  These animals were calling and whooping and making a lot of noise!

 Great Egret

Boat-Tailed Grackle

WARNING:  A single photo following this warning is graphic and may be disturbing.  It contains a photo of an injured White Ibis.  The injury and associated blood are clear, so if you want to skip this photo, please scroll beyond it.

This White Ibis was perched in a tree near Alligator Bay, but also just above the Cheetah cage.  I am not sure who it crossed paths with, but it is not likely to survive the attack.

poor White Ibis


Malayan Tiger

While I was enjoying the butterfly habitat, George heard the tigers (there were two) roaring at each other, so he rushed back and caught a video of them standing on their hind legs, pawing at each other.  They growled/roared at each other 3-4 times.

 Black Bear

A pretty sad commentary on the loss of the cypress forests....

Besides zebra longwings, there were a few other things with wings in the butterfly habitat.

Zebra Longwing


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