Sunday, February 22, 2015

Winter Walk at Duxbury Beach

We have had snow, snow and more snow.  But today, it did warm up into the 40s, but my best bet for a walk of any distance was still at a beach.  Duxbury Beach is my favorite, so that I made that my afternoon destination.  Duxbury Beach does not disappoint, regardless of birds seen or unseen.  The sun went down while I was there, and the light was beautiful.  Lots of beauty all around.

Powder Point Bridge was thick with snow and limited to three tire track ruts.  Four wheel drive was a must for anyone using the bridge.  Most cars took turns in each direction rather than try to maneuver through the deep snow.  I had fun watching one truck try to change sides halfway down the bridge when another truck did not wait their turn, and he proceeded to drive down the bridge sideways for a few minutes, wheels stuck between the ruts.

Is this Alaska?

Snow had nearly buried the dune fences marking the crossover paths to the beach.

You can see evidence of the lowering tide.  Where the water hit its high point on the sand, it left an icy print behind.

The high tide also left its mark where it ate away at the snow on the upper beach.

Unlike the beautiful shells I found on the beach in Naples, this beach has mostly rocks.  Today, there were also occasional pieces of ice among the rocks!  I did manage to find one small piece of white sea glass.

Almost a hint of turquoise on the horizon

It looked a bit stormy to the South.

 The beach road was closed to vehicles, which was a nice change!

I think this is a Black-Legged Kittiwake.

 Time to go!  The temperature dropped with the sun, and it was 33 degrees when I walked out.



  1. Your landscape shots are awesome. And, nice find with the Black-legged Kittiwake!

    1. Thanks, Josh! Hope you have less snow up there in Maine!

    2. Oh, we've got snow. In many areas around 3'!