Tuesday, February 3, 2015

American Tree Sparrow

This bird was deserving of a post all to himself because he is a first sighting in my yard!

The thing I like best about this handsome little sparrow is his bicolored bill.  It is black on top and yellow on the bottom, and this makes this particular sparrow easy to identify!

I briefly visited Wildwood Cemetery at lunchtime.  The roads were plowed, but narrow and I will include some photos just so you get an idea of the amount of snow we are dealing with here!  I saw a couple of American Crows and heard a woodpecker, but otherwise, no other birds.

The above photo is a little odd looking.  This angel is actually behind a big drift of snow, rather than buried in it.  I still thought it looked interesting!

There's a paved road hiding under this narrow path!

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