Sunday, January 26, 2014

Northern Pintail

I've said that if you are dressed properly, you can be outside in any weather.  But for some odd reason (-7 degrees wind chill), I couldn't do it today.

I still wanted to try to find a new bird for my 2014 list, so I drove over to Hager Pond in Marlboro, hoping for an unusual duck.  I lucked out and found a Northern Pintail.  I had seen one here in the past but had completely forgotten about it.  This was basically birding from the car (a parking lot overlooking the open water in the pond).

I stopped next at the Gristmill and the Martha Mary Chapel.  The Gristmill was closed off for the winter with a nasty "No Trespassing" sign across the footbridge.  I guess that keeps troublemakers out, but it bothers me that people can't continue to enjoy the trails in the winter months.  I suppose it's worth it if it keeps the mill itself safe.

On the way home, I stopped at Home Depot and watched a few gulls in the parking lots.  I thought one of them might have been a  Lesser Black-Backed Gull, but I am not able to be certain so won't count it. I sure do miss hiking, and I am getting tired of the bitter cold Polar Vortex.  Enough!

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