Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nature All Around

It was 11 degrees this morning.  I knew it was supposed to be a sunny day, but with few to no clouds in the sky, a spectacular sunrise was out of the question.  I still drove over to Farm Pond because it had been a long time since I had been there for a sunrise.

I had my landscape lens on the camera, so when a Golden-Crowned Kinglet flew out of the brush, I wasn't prepared to take a picture.  I didn't want to bother removing my mittens, unzipping the bag and changing the lens with the off chance that I'd miss the sunrise and the bird would fly away.  I am glad to add it to my year list (#56) and had a nice look at it.  I also heard a Carolina Wren singing and caught a long-distance view of it.

Meanwhile, it was pretty darn chilly waiting for the sun to come up!

But worth it.

Back at home, there were 4 White-Tailed Deer foraging in the woods next to the house.  The other three were more shy.

At lunch, I walked at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land.  It's harder to see much nature there now (at least not close up) because it's very noisy crunching through the snow on the edge of the trails in order to avoid slipping.

I was surprised to see a thrush in the woods near the picnic table.  It flew off quickly so I didn't get a good look at it to identify what type.  I followed it (crunching along) as it flew to distant branches 3 different times, but never got another look at it and lost sight of it.

Eastern Bluebirds, perched in the meadow

Eastern Bluebird

As I headed back to my car, I could see Norm, the Northern Mockingbird, perched in the usual spot, as if waiting to say good-bye to me.


I saw:

American Crow
American Goldfinch
American Robin
Black Capped Chickadee
Blue Jay
Dark-Eyed Junco
Downy Woodpecker
Eastern Bluebird
House Sparrow
Northern Mockingbird ("Norm!")
thrush species
Tufted Titmouse

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