Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Nor'Easter and No Birdseed

I feel guilty.  A foot of snow is predicted, and I have no birdseed in my feeder.  We have entertained a lot in the last week, though, so there are stale chips, crackers, nuts and other leftovers available to toss onto the deck.  I also chopped up an apple.  I know the birds could peck at it, but if I don't chop it up, the squirrels will carry it away whole.

So far, my donations have attracted Tufted Titmice and Dark-Eyed Juncos.   Dark-Eyed Juncos like to shuffle on the ground to stir up something good to eat, and that's what they were doing on my tabletop.  I caught some pictures with the snow flying from their little dance.  Some people call them "snowbirds", and that's certainly a fitting nickname today.

Since the weather was not conducive to being outdoors (wind chill), and because the roads were slick and dangerous, and I was almost out of gas, I decided to stay home and just enjoy these little visitors to my deck.  Sometimes I think I appreciate them more when I can just watch them close up like this, see their feathers and coloring up close, and watch them enjoying their food as the storm ramps up.

This junco had a lot of brown feathers and was quite handsome.


  1. Dawn,
    I think you are so right. My most enjoyably memories of bird watching or butterflies are when I have just been sitting quietly and they have appeared allowing me to watch them closely. Most often, because I have limited time, I rush to see them and then have to leave to get back to work! I think your snowy weather is due to arrive with us on Sunday. We have been having storm after storm for weeks now due to the Jet Stream being directly overhead. I just replaced a sheet of corrugated perspex on our chicken run two days ago, only to see it flying over the garden this morning! I hope you manage to get some bird seed soon!

    1. Birdseed restocked as of today! Hope it was soon enough. It was bitterfly cold last night and today. Hope your chickens are protected again too! How many do you have?