Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Northern Mockingbird

Sunrise this morning at Hopkinton State Park.  I was the only person there!

By lunchtime, the temperature had dropped to about 14.  I was determined to get some fresh air and exercise, so I switched into my flannel-lined khakis and grabbed my heavy mittens to wear over my running gloves to ramp my layers up a bit.  I stayed toasty warm during the hour I hiked around Breakneck Hill Conservation Land.  Again, I was the only person there.  Cold temperatures really keep people indoors!

There was very little bird activity, although I did see two beautiful Red-Tailed Hawks on my drive over.  I saw several Mourning Doves, a Downy Woodpecker, a single American Goldfinch and a Northern Mockingbird.  By the time I saw the mockingbird, my camera battery had been killed by the cold temperature.  This was one hike I didn't bring my camera pack (where I carry a spare battery), so I took the battery out and warmed it in my hand for a few moments to see if I could re-activate it at all.  I was able to generate 37% battery power to take a few shots of this pretty mockingbird as it ate some freeze-dried apple still hanging in the orchard.

There's something about the layers of gray in this photo contrasted with the bright splash of color in the apple that I really like!  We're definitely in for some cold and snow.  We may get a fresh foot of snow by tomorrow.  That does curtail my hiking, but it may be enough (depending on wind chill factor) to motivate me to get my cross-country skis out!

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